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While most of us have come to terms that President Obama – and FLOTUS! – are simply entering next life chapter per the Constitution (which states a U.S. President can only be in office for up to two four-year terms) , there seems to be an air of sadness, as if the couple is moving to another country, forever. There will never be another Barack, or Michelle. Never. Add to this, a Trump presidency and a GOP-controlled Congress.
But who is hurting the most when it comes to the end of the Obama era? The kids. So innocent, and unable to comprehend – depending on the age of the child – why such a great President has to quit his job. How can parents explain to someone as young as the girl in the now-viral video that President Obama is leaving the White House for good? Try this:
Explain how the POTUS’ job works
Obama has run a major country of the free world for almost eight years. Think about that: he had a country to run, not just a department. There are laws to enact, conflicts to face and international meetings to attend. There is also the resistance he had to endure. He will likely continue to endure the hate until his final day in office. (I’d want out of office after just one year of facing so many haters on a daily basis, let alone eight!)
Reiterate that Obama is still with us 
Judging by the horror in that viral sensation’s eyes, Obama is going far, far away! We as adults know this is not true. While the First Family is leaving the White House, they will still be in our hearts, and in this country. Like most adults these days, POTUS is moving on to a new job, one that we are sure to learn about in due time. Remember, our President is social-media savvy, so don’t be surprised if we actually see more of the Obamas’ post-presidency life, online.
Place the focus on Malia and Shasha 
The girls are growing, and have been doing so in front of our eyes for eight years. Like all great dads, POTUS places his job as parent above everything else. This means with two growing daughters (and with Malia going off to college this fall!) it makes total sense for Obama to bring his presidential chapter to a close at this time. Keep up with the girls, the next generation of Obamas!
Visit Washington, DC…ASAP! 
Why not show how our federal government works with a visit to our nation’s capitol? Doing this may help your child understand the role of President.
Be the adult!
Children under nine probably don’t remember the time when someone other than Obama became president. Teach them how government works. Set a better example for the kids by checking your emotions about Obama (and Trump, for that matter!) at the door. We have to show our children, moving on is okay!
How will you tell your child about the POTUS leaving office? Lemme know in the comments.
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