Nestled in a business park, is the crisp brick building that is home to Senator Thom Tillis’ Charlotte District office. Maybe they knew we were coming or saw us out of the window but a sign appeared saying the staff was out of the office.  As the sun shone on us today, the temperatures warmed into the 60s and we gathered with warm greetings to strangers and friends.  A sign-in sheet collected 92 signatures and email addresses before the hour was over.

With protesters on both sides of Harris Corners Parkway in North Charlotte, Heather Perry, a member of Greater Charlotte’s Action Network R.I.S.E. Together NC spoke, welcoming the group of folks that are likely to see each other again next week and the week after that. A Universalist Unitarian Minister asked us to hold hands to pray. A wrinkled hand belonging to a fellow with gray hair and a dress shirt reached out for mine. I put my arm around a woman who said, “I don’t pray but I’ll stand with you,” as she held on to her son’s tiny fingers.

I looked around at the faces of our citizens. Every one of us was there with the desire to have our voices heard…whether by our silent physical presence, the eager mingling with like minds, or with a turn at the megaphone.’s strategy to physically call attention to key causes that our Senators and Representatives vote for and against will be following the Indivisible Guide. Today, speakers took the opportunity to advocate against Trump’s Cabinet nominees and asked Senator Tillis to stop unqualified nominees from being appointed. Although Senator Tillis was unavailable and did not see us, WBTV and WCCB Charlotte News reporters were there and our voices will be heard. Signs said “Stop Trump’s Swamp Cabinet” and called specific attention to the Affordable Care Act (ACA), environment, and public education.

This was the first of many Resist Trump Tuesday gatherings. We will be meeting each week at one of our representatives’ offices to ask for the very checks and balances that our Constitution guarantees. Our Senators are our way to ensure the safety of our democracy at the hands of our current president. If NC Senators Thom Tillis and Richard Burr won’t stand up for North Carolina’s values, we will need to vote them out when their terms are up. Remember, they work for us.

If you’d like to be a part of the next office visit, please be on the lookout for the sign up via We’ll post the link on our Facebook group page so that you can RSVP. We can use all the help we can get!

The views expressed on this blog are mine alone and not necessarily those of Greater CAN RISE NC