Notes from the Town Hall event on 2/21 for Thom Tillis which he did not attend:
Senator Thom Tillis said that putting together a Town Hall event required scheduling and location and could not be done in time to occur during his recess from the Senate so Indivisible Charlotte, Indivisible Uptown, and Rise NC organized the event for him and invited him to meet with his constituents. Scott Huffman, Leigh Altman, and Heather Perry found space for 300 at Free Range Brewing on N. Davidson Street near uptown Charlotte. As folks gathered together, the air was exceptionally warm for February as were the greetings from familiar faces who have been actively rallying, meeting, and organizing since the 2016 election.

Throughout the evening, folks were allowed to ask questions they would have asked of Sen. Tillis. Sen. Tillis’ position on some of these points was addressed if we had written response from his office about any of the issues.
Christian Cano (D) is running for District 9’s Congressional Seat (to unseat Pittenger). He spoke of immigration and the Hispanic community’s challenges during the current administration. He led the group in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Heather Perry shared how Totalitarianism gets started and the signs that Trump’s administration is leading us down that path.

Peter Norms spoke about flipping purple and red counties neighboring Mecklenburg County and statewide in the next election. Racial gerrymandering is illegal and will hopefully be enforced by the Supreme Court this year. We have a good chance to end the GOP’s majority at the state level with just a few seats changed. Jeff Jackson’s Gameplan was discussed.

Leigh Altman spoke of great respect for Republicans who have chosen to put country over party and take a stand to stop Trump’s attack on the media, lies, and incompetence.

At some point, there was an announcement that the owner of a Prius had to move their car. Twenty-five people got up to see if it was their car. (I’m kidding about the 25 people. But, it was a funny announcement in a room full of Liberals!)

Heather Perry encouraged all to come out to Sen. Tillis’ office every Tuesday at noon for the Resist Trump rally. 9300 Harris Corners Parkway. Park and walk to the office as they do not allow us to park there. We are following all the ordinances and guidelines so that we are not breaking the law.

Tricia Laurion spoke about LGBTQ rights and the repeal of HB2 here in NC.


We filled out requests for payment for our protesting outside of Tillis’ office and attending the town hall (since we’ve been accused of being paid protestors) to be hand delivered to his office as a sarcastic jab. Also, we signed a large letter to be delivered to Tillis. The billboard project was discussed. Our donations are going toward the purchase of a large billboard saying Missing: Senator Thom Tillis” that will be on highway 77 not too far from his office. There will be a number to call and info pointing toward Indivisible Charlotte.

We concluded the evening by taking a photo of those who were still there and filming a video for Senator Tillis.

We’d like to thank the event organizers, Heather Perry, Scott Huffman, and Leigh Braslow Altman, for their continued leadership for our groups here in Charlotte.


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